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We’re about smart growth for the long haul. The sentiment that we can completely stop development is a pipe dream. Let’s work toward smart and responsible development growth. Our Waterfront Manatee is a movement to support exactly that: responsible growth of our local economy and waterfront communities in Manatee County. Revitalization is long overdue in certain areas of the County that have been neglected with little reinvestment.

We support thoughtful plans that transition well with existing communities, create jobs and tax dollars, and preserve and protect the natural waterfront beauty we love about this area. Let’s get progress right, so our children can enjoy thriving, responsibly designed neighborhoods of which we’re all proud.

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Our Mission

Life in Manatee County is special.

For some, it’s the community where they choose to raise their family. For others, it’s the waterside reward for a life well lived. Our community is growing, but that does not mean we can’t grow thoughtfully and preserve our Manatee County way of life.

As our community grows, we must balance new economic opportunities with environmental preservation. Our Waterfront Manatee believes we can use responsible planning to improve and keep our natural spaces and waterways beautiful.

Did You Know?


By 2030, Florida will add 6 million more residents and need 2 million new jobs

In Manatee County, we need to think about jobs and tax dollars to support our growing population, and we must do so thoughtfully, so growth is done right, protecting our natural resources so they exist for future generations.

Data Source: www.TheFloridaScorecard.org

Keeping Manatee County the Coast with the Most

We love our 150 miles of coastline and and 27 miles of beaches. Let's plan wisely to preserve the reason we all love to work and play in Manatee County.

Data Source: Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Manatee County's Current Population is 375,890

The county's employment rate between 2016-2024 is expected to grow 12.8%. Do we have the jobs to meet this expectation?

Data Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

What They Are Saying

...Please know there is a majority of residents and community leaders that work every day in support of vibrant growth of our local economy and community.

Dominic A. DiMaio Div. CEO, Synovus Bank

This area of town has struggled ever since the recession with little to no reinvestment into it. New construction will bring with it revitalization into the surrounding area.

John W. Saputo Proprietor, Gold Coast Eagle Distributing

Developments like this represent progress and the potential to revitalize the businesses of West Bradenton.

Michael Valley Bradenton Resident and Financial Advisor

The injection of new capital into West Bradenton is a welcomed thought. This should help fuel the revitalization of areas that have been the fiber of Manatee County since it was founded, long before I-75 in Manatee County was even an idea.

Robert Spencer President, The Bradenton Country Club

This project will result in significant environmental benefit to the bay and to the shoreline habitats.

John R. Henslick Governing Board Member, Southwest Florida Water Management District, and Professional Wetland Scientist

Laurie Galle, an area resident who says she works in the construction industry, noted hundreds of jobs will be created during the 20-year build out.

Laurie Galle to the Herald-Tribune, April 14th, 2017

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July 21, 2017

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Better communities (ie, Aqua by the Bay) bring better (ie, lower) taxes

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August 4, 2017

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Pat Neal: Unique opportunity to revitalize West Bradenton, promote economic development

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August 8, 2017

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Ed Bailey, August 15, 2017

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Aqua by the Bay offers smart investment for Manatee County

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Timothy Knowles, August 15, 2017

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